Reusable Cotton Rounds and Balls

If you’re committed to living a more sustainable lifestyle, one beauty step you can take is swapping out single-use cotton balls and rounds for reusable ones. You’ll not only reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that get absorbed into your skin, but you’ll also help the environment—it takes 5,283 gallons of water to make just one sheath of conventional cotton. The plush, absorbent alternatives below are just as effective (if not more) and come in a variety of sizes that cater to all your beauty needs.

These eco-friendly makeup pads are made with antibacterial and antimicrobial organic bamboo that are soft to the touch and perfect for removing eye makeup, applying essence or toner, and even wiping off a face mask. They’re also super-absorbent and come with a cute faux croc pouch for travel or storing at home.

This Amazon favorite is a top-rated option because of its high ratings from more than 17,000 beauty editors and customers. The cellulose-free rounds are gentle enough to use on all skin types and feature two layers for extra absorbency and a softer texture, which is especially helpful for easily irritated areas of the face. Plus, they’re biodegradable and compostable, so when they’re ready to be replaced, you can plop them in a backyard compost bin or the green bin at your local grocery store.

This set of reusable cotton rounds from Danish brand LastObject, which specializes in eliminating single-use items, is made with both organic cotton and a biodegradable blend of bamboo and microfiber. The cotton layer is soft to the touch and absorbent, while the microfiber side is great for a light exfoliation. The pack includes 10 makeup pads and a handy laundry bag for travel or storing at home.

These soft, eco-friendly, and 100 percent biodegradable cotton rounds are ideal for removing makeup and toning your skin. They’re also completely free of pesticides and fertilizers, which means your skin won’t be polluted with any chemicals from the cotton. They’re machine-washable and dry quickly, so you can keep them clean and fresh for as long as you want.

This cotton round is a bit different from others on the list, as it’s designed with a terry cloth side that’s great for removing tough eye makeup and a plush velour side that’s perfect for cleansing and wiping away face oils or toner. It’s made with organic cotton and comes in a reusable tote bag for easy traveling. It’s available in a wide range of colors so you can match your bathroom aesthetic, too. And it’s super-absorbent, so you can use it to wipe off all your excess oil. Plus, it’s totally washable and won’t lose shape over time. The company says a single box replaces more than 1,750 disposable cotton rounds, so it’s a win for the environment and your wallet, too.


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