The first appearance of rings, worn as jewelry, was during the Medieval period of history. Up to that point jewelry was confined to being worn around the neck or about the wrist and was a status symbol of wealth and station in life. Rings, however, could be worn by all the populace regardless of their money or position.

The first rings were made from crude materials which included iron. Later, the art of making rings was more refined and the use of copper, silver and gold came into play. The first rings were simple and without adornment. It was sometime in the 14th century that ring makers began using faceted jewels.

Although rings were not a symbol of status they did become a statement of religion, fidelity and culture. Early Christians were known to wear rings that were fashioned with the Greek Icthus, which looks like a fish, showing their devotion to God. Catholic nuns wear a plain gold band as a sign of marriage and commitment to their Savior.

Certain materials used in rings have become associated with specific cultures. For instance, the Native Americans create their jewelry, especially rings, out of silver and turquoise. This started because the early craftsmen were from the Southwest tribes and these elements were in abundance.

Gold has become the symbol of love and is the main ingredient in rings that are intended for weddings, engagements and other romantic ventures, even special friendships. Rings are used to commemorate almost anything from the wearing of the birthstone to rewards for jobs well done, example the Super Bowl rings.

There are usual rings that have great meaning. The Irish Claddagh is one of those. Fashioned with a heart for love, a crown for loyalty and two joined hands the Claddagh ring has become a beloved Irish tradition. Even the way it is worn sends a message. wholesale tungsten rings


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